About Us

We aren’t big and flashy, we know that. We are just like you. Everyday riders with a deep passion for the sport. In 2010 we saw a need for bikes that the average person could afford, ride hard, and love. It didn’t take long for that vision to become reality. Shortly after we started talking about it, we leapt off the cliff and started Framed Bikes. Since our initial offering of BMX bikes and just just a few fat bikes our line has grown to include road, mountain, gravel, and cyclocross models. Not bad for a small group of friends sitting around a campfire having a beer, and we are just getting started.

Every Framed bike we offer has gone through extensive technical testing as well as many months of real world riding. Testers scattered throughout Minnesota, Michigan, and all the way to Iceland and northern Spain have their say on prototypes before going into production. Are any of us former or current national champions? Nope, not a one of us. We crash plenty, we don’t always clean our bikes as well as we should, and we always let other people take our bikes for a rip when they ask. We expect our bikes to handle well and hold up to the abuse of daily riding.

Call Framed Bikes at (866) 956-5971 Mon-Fri 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM CST.

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