Mallorca Carbon – Endurance Road

SRAM Series – Disc and Rim Brake

Long Days in the saddle, on roads that sometimes have dubious surfacing, call for a special type of bike. You need chainstays that soak up the worst of the chatter, a bottom bracket stiff enough to power up the climbs, and geometry that allows you enough relief to get back in the saddle tomorrow. The Framed Mallorca is our most versatile platform for road riding. With a relaxed geometry, slightly higher stack height, and our proprietary seatstay design the Platthorn keeps you riding for hours. Coupled with SRAM’s amazing Rival 22 groupset,and your choice of either rim or disk braking, this bike can do it all.

Mallorca Disc

Size Options – 4
Frame Colors – 2

Mallorca Rim

Size Options – 4
Frame Colors – 1