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2018 Birkie

Posted by curtis schuler on

When I reflect on the Birkie, a few things come to mind. I envision old friends, prepping my bike, pre-race anxiety, and inevitably a cold beer, and this year was no different.

The weather was perfect and the course was as well, this time around I rode in the "Big Fat 47K," whereas, previously I've consistently participated in the "Chico 21K."  I was excited for the opportunity to conquer the 30-mile challenge through woods. Knowing the "Chico" typically takes me about an hour at full race pace, I knew I would have to slow down and pace myself, so I wouldn't bonk 15 miles in. 

At the 10-mile mark, my nerves began to settle, allowing me the freedom to really to enjoy the amazing trail through the forest. Roughly 20-miles in,myself being a 38 year old dude, I was humbled by a pack of middle-aged women flying past me, as they casually conversed about the appearance-related benefits they were gaining from the event, exclusively. With only a few miles remaining, as I was passing through the final aid station, a particularly enthusiastic spectator gifted me a flat Coke and a push to the end of the station. The drink was a much-needed boost of sugar, even after dining on two pop tarts, strawberry and brown sugar cinnamon seem to treat me well during a race.

Upon completion of the race, comes my favorite part, grabbing a beer and trading stories about how everyone's race went. To hear how different each rider's experience is, regardless of us all participating in the same event.
  If I had to say just one thing, about the" Big Fat" vs the "Chico," it would be regarding the SW F-@!$%@ hills, Those suckers are non-stop and as steep as it gets. I've now successfully rounded out my fifth year competing in the Birkie, with a plan to continue enjoying this event for years to come, I highly recommend this tremendous race to any avid cyclist.
End of the race fire.


I rode a Frame Alaskan carbon, full rigid with Pub carbon wheels / Terrene Cake eater tires (10psi)


This really has nothing to do with the race but I had to share a pic of my friend Kermit eating it pre-race.


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