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Troubleshooting Series- How to change a flat tire on a Fat Bike

Posted by Jared Menk on

Our troubleshooting series is here to help you do it yourself. From common questions we get after purchase, to more in depth adjustments; Framed is here for you.

Tire Change- Knowing what to do in event of a flat is key to a successful ride. Prepare for the inevitable with this instructional video.




  1. Remove wheel.
  2. Remove tire from rim. On some fat bikes, tires will be loose, but some combinations do require a tire lever or two. On our bikes, the tire will be loose enough to remove by hand. 
  3. Remove flat tube from tire, and inspect both carefully for anything that could puncture it.  Note: Glass or thorns can hide in the tire itself and cause the new tube to puncture instantly. Inspect and remove all foreign objects before installing new tube.
  4. Inflate replacement tube slightly, and place back into tire. 
  5. Slide valve stem into hole, and align tire onto rim. 
  6. Inflate slowly, taking care that the bead is evenly seated on the rim. 


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