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Troubleshooting Series- Installing Pedals

Posted by Jared Menk on

Our troubleshooting series is here to help you do it yourself. From common questions we get after purchase, to more in depth adjustments; Framed is here for you.

Did you know that pedals have a right and left? Let Blake teach you how to install pedals in the video below. 



  1. Grease threads on pedal, and place washers on pedal spindle. Washers will only be required on SRAM and Race Face cranks.
  2. Identify the right and left pedal. If the pedals are not marked, the direction of the thread angle will tell you which pedal it is. Threads angling upward to the left will be the left side. Threads angling upward to the right will be the right side.  
  3. Start threading the pedal on by hand. To tighten the pedal, rotate the crank counter-clockwise.
  4. Do a final check with a pedal wrench to ensure a tight connection.


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