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Troubleshooting Series- Rear Wheel Removal

Posted by Jared Menk on

Our troubleshooting series is here to help you do it yourself. From common questions we get after purchase, to more in depth adjustments; Framed is here for you.


The rear wheel has a lot going on. Between derailleurs, cassettes and chains it’s important to know how to safely remove your rear wheel without compromising any of these vital components. Watch Blake go through this process step by step.


  1. Shift into smallest rear cog.
  2. Pull Tension lever out and loosen. If it’s a quick release you will just need to loosen the axle enough to clear the drop out. If it is a thru axle, you will need to fully unthread the axle.
  3. Move the derailleur cage so there is slack in the chain, If you have a cage lock on your derailleur, move the cage forward to allow slack, and press the small lock button in.
  4. With slack in the chain, gently slide the wheel free from the frame.

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