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Before contacting Framed Bikes please refer to the FAQ section below.

If the answer to your question is not found in the FAQ below, you are welcome to email us using the form at the end of the FAQ section. Please be very patient with us as we are focusing our efforts on building and shipping bikes.


When will I receive my Framed Bikes order?

Please refer to our shipping updates page by following this link:

Shipping Updates Page

We are experiencing unforeseen and overwhelming demand for our bikes. Please be patient with us as we do our very best to deliver your bike asap.

What size bike should I buy for my child?

We recommend following the sizing chart below when selecting a bike size for your child. If your child is a teen over the heights listed please refer to the adult sizing chart below.

Rider Height in Inches

Wheel Size in Inches

35 - 42


42 - 52


48 - 58


55 - 65


Over 60, check inseam and bike standover

26” or larger

What size bike should I buy for myself (teen or adult)?

We recommend following the sizing chart below when selecting the correct size bike for yourself or a teenage rider.

Rider Height

Bike Size in Inches

Bike Size in cm

Up to 5’3”

13 - 16

Up to 52

5’3” - 5’7”

15 - 17

52 - 55

5’7” - 5’11”

17 - 19 

54 - 57

5’11” - 6’3”

18 - 21

56 - 58

Over 6’3”

21 - 23

60 - 63

How do I determine what parts are compatible with my Framed bike?

Most adult bikes in the same class (mountain or road, etc) tend to follow a certain set of standards on most parts. Other parts have few standards if any and may be model specific.

Your quickest way to determine compatibility is to check with a bike mechanic or compare the size and specs of the stock vs. the part you’d like to upgrade to. Framed Bikes can provide information on stock parts, but it is difficult for us to determine the exact compatibility of a part you are considering due to the multitude of options and variations available.

When will you be getting my desired bike back in stock?

We are constantly designing, redesigning, ordering, and expecting new bikes. If a model is out of stock on our website that means we do not have it available for sale at that current time.

Due to the shipping uncertainty created by the COVID-19 pandemic, we do not have and cannot provide accurate dates of product restocks. We assure you, once a restock arrives we work feverishly to get it on our website and available for sale.

Please keep an eye on our website for stock updates and product releases.

Does Framed Bikes have touch up paint?

We do not provide touch up paint for any of our bikes. We recommend sourcing paint from a hardware or hobby store in your area.

Does my new Framed bike have a warranty?

Please refer to our warranty page by following this link:

Framed Bikes Warranty Page

Where can I find a replacement derailleur hanger for my Framed bike?

We sell some replacement derailleur hangers on our website at the following link:

Frames and Hangers Page

If you do not see the hanger you need on this page, we recommend visiting a local bike shop with your hanger and/or bike so they can source the correct hanger from an aftermarket hanger brand.

There are worn out and/or damaged parts on my bike. Do you sell replacement parts?

Framed uses very few, if any, proprietary parts on our bikes. You should be able to easily find replacement parts through a local bike shop or online retailer, if they can’t be found here:

Framed Bikes Replacement Parts

Is a kickstand included on your bikes?  If not, do you have one you recommend?

In general we do not recommend the use of a kickstand with our mountain or off-road oriented bikes.  We did not design these styles of bikes with kickstand compatibility in mind.  If you do want to still add one on, we always suggest getting with your local bike shop to ensure compatibility.

If you still have a question, please email us using the form below. Be patient awaiting our response as we are fielding an overwhelming volume of questions at this time.

Fill out my online form.

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