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How do I take care of my bike now that I have it?

There are a few simple steps you can do to keep your bike lasting longer. First, always fill up tires to the recommended pressure every day. Second, lube your chain every three weeks. Third, if you get stuck in the rain, dry off your chain right away and apply lube.


What do I do if the bike arrived damaged?

If you open the box and see that there is any sort of damage, do not assemble the bike, leave it how it is take some pictures and call us right away. We want to get you a replacement part as soon as we can. Just have the photos and order number ready for a speedy swap.

Are flat tires covered under warranty?

No. Tire and tube punctures are a part of riding a bike. A rider can go years with having a flat, or you can get a flat tire on your very first ride on your new bike. It all depends what you run over and whether it punctures the tube.Take it to your local bike shop and have them do the necessary repairs or check out our blog page for an instructional video on how to change a flat.

If I spray paint the rims, will that void my warranty?

Yes. If you paint over any part or the frame that immediately voids the warranty. If you need a replacement part, regardless of the damage you will be charged full price for the part plus shipping.

My handlebars are slipping. What do I do?

Most likely the stem is not under proper tension. Please have a bike mechanic adjust the stem or call us for assistance.

My brakes don't seem to be grabbing or stopping the bike well.

One of the most common reasons for this is dirty rims. First, try to clean your rim with a cleaning agent such as Simple Green. A lot of dust can gather on the rim, making it tough for the brake pads to grab. If this doesn't work, please contact us right away as you may just need a new brake cable or new brake pads.

How do I adjust chain tension?

You'll need a 19mm box wrench to loosen the axel nuts. You can then slide your wheel back. Just make sure you have the wheel fully tightened when you are done. To avoid damage and get the proper tension, please have this done by a certified bike tech.

How do I fix/replace my chain?

Bring it to your local bike shop as you will need a chain breaker. If the chain is broken right out of the packaging or breaks within just a few days of having the bike, please give us a call.

How long is your warranty and what does it cover?

Please refer to our Limited Warranty Policy below.

Do you have touch up paint?

No, we do not offer any paint for touch ups.

I crashed my bike on the road, rail, jump, path will you replace it?

Any bike damaged due to reckless riding, negligence, or an accidental crash will not be covered under warranty and therefore, will not be replaced. Furthermore, damage due to normal wear and tear does not qualify for warranty replacement either.