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Blackburn Core Co2Fer Bike Pump
Blackburn Core Co2Fer Bike Pump
Blackburn Core Co2Fer Bike Pump

Blackburn Core Co2Fer Bike Pump

$52.95 qbbcorco2fr18

  • Combine the best elements of all of our mini pumps and what do you get? The Core CO2’FER Pump. The Core CO2’FER is an excellent stand-alone mini pump that adds the versatility of an integrated CO2 inflator and the peace of mind of a Presta valve tool ensuring nothing goes wrong when all you need is an inflated tire. A remote inflation hose takes unwanted stress off the tire valve.
    • Compact Design: Why carry around more bulk than you have to? This product is designed for the minimalist in you.
    • Frame Mount: Even the best pump won't do you much good if you've left it in your sock drawer at home. This pump comes with a discreet frame mount that attaches under your water bottle cage.
    • Flex Hose: Don't be a slave to the valve. The flexible hose lets you work on the bike whether upright or dead on the trail while the secure cam-lock head ensures no nasty blowing off when you least expect it.
    • Presta Valve Tool: Get loose on the trail. You can if you want, but your valves shouldn't. There's a handy, machined valve core tool right in the pump's base to keep everything snug.
    • Thread On Design: Hold on tight. The thread-on presta/schrader valve at the end of the extending flexible hose ensures that even the fiddliest of valves is held securely for inflation.
    • Faster Inflation: The mid-size barrel diameter allows for quicker inflation on a MTB, CX, gravel bike.
    • Choose Your Own Inflation: This pump allows you the option to quick inflate your tube with a CO2 cartridge, or use the standard hand pump to top off your pressure. You decide.
    • Thread on pump head automatically adapts to Presta valves
    • Rebuildable internals parts avaialble aftermarket.
    • Retractable, flexible hose
    • Includes Presta valve tool
    • Includes 16g CO2 Cartridge
    • Includes rubber strap to secure C02 to pump
    • Compatible with most threaded cartridges
    • Frame mount included
    • 120 PSI, 8.3 Bar maximum
    • 102g w/o mount