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Wolf Tooth GC Sram Bike Chainting Red 42T

$81.95 QWTGCS42RE $89.95

  • The GC42 cassette cog is so big that when machining the first batch, the machinist thought he made a mistake! If being big is cool then the GC42 is the coolest cog around. This cog is made with the precision and finish customers have come to expect from WTC, and this enables quite possibly the best feeling shift in the cassette. Be sure to check out the GC tech page for more details.

    This cassette sprocket is for use only with SRAM brand 10spd X5, X7, and X9 cassettes. It is NOT compatible with any other brand or model of cassette. The shift points are properly timed to the tooth locations on the 36T SRAM cog for optimal shifting performance. Use of this cassette sprocket requires removal of the 17T or 15T cog & spacer from your cassette.

    Note on "B-screw": Wolf Tooth have found a longer screw is almost never needed with SRAM derailleurs and only needed for about 50% of Shimano derailleurs. Wolf Tooth have added it as a separate item in our accessories category. If you think you might need the longer B-screw, order one separately or just go to your local hardware store and pick up an M4 x 25 socket head cap screw. You may need a longer chain than what is presently on your bike. Make sure that when shifted to the 42T cog, there is still some amount of forward travel possible with the rear derailleur cage. This is especially important on bikes with rear suspension. We have tested with Shimano, KMC & SRAM chains - all function well.

    Compatible only with the following SRAM 10spd cassettes: X5 11-36T (PG-1030), X7 11-36T (PG-1050), and X9 11-36T (PG-1070). Weight 86g.

    Note: the GC 42 is not compatible with 2011 or older SRAM rear derailleurs due to the location of the upper jockey wheel. The best ways to tell the vintages of your rear derailleur is 1) If you have a type 2 (clutch type) rear derailleur it is 2012 or newer and 2) the upper jockey wheel on 2012 and newer rear derailleurs are offset from the derailleur cage''''s axis of rotation. It is difficult and sometimes impossible to get satisfactory shifting with the 2011 or older SRAM rear derailleurs so we do not recommend using the GC 42 if you have one of these. The GC 42 works great with the newer SRAM rear derailleurs however.