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WTB Frequency Team I23 Bike Rim

$69.95 qwtfrtei23t275bk

  • Frequency rims are reowned for their craftmanship, durability, rigidity, and tubeless simplicity. A UST-compliant inner rim profile provides standards-driven consistency while a tape and sealant system eliminates precious rotational weight.WTB''s legendary I-Beam, 4D drilling, and WT69 Alloy further aid in lateral and torisional strength while maximizing lifespan. Add CID and you can walk into any shop and not worry about proprietary parts needed.
    • Unbendium Bulge-a band of material added to the sidewall of the rim to counter torsional, radial and lateral flex
    • 4D drilling provides a perfect interface between the rim and spoke and eliminates the need for eyelets
    • I-Beam: a vertical beam designed to counter spoke loads and provide torsional rigidity
    • On-Ramp feature provides consistent fit between rims and tire for easy installation and inflation
    • Tubless Compatible System (TCS) - rim profile is designed especially for TCS or UST tires and will also work with tube-type tires when used with tubes. TCS rim tape, valve and sealant is needed to run a tubeless set-up with TCS or UST tires
    • Eyelets: None
    • Hub Drilling: 32
    • ISO Diameter: 622 / road / 29"
    • Manufacturer Spec ERD (mm): 599 mm
    • Rim Center Offset (mm): 0 mm
    • Rim Depth (mm): 17.5 mm
    • Rim Joint: Sleeved
    • Rim Material: Alloy
    • Rim Width (External): 28 mm
    • Rim Width (Internal): 23 mm
    • Tire Type: Tubeless Compatible
    • Valve: Presta
    • Valve Length: Short
    • Weight: 470 g
    • Wheel Size: 29